About Espol.io

Espol.io is a top-down 3D space shooter in which you need to survive and collect espólios, while you're bound to a group of up to four members, to reach the top of the rank.

The position of your teammates determines the position of your Circle of Action, which in its turn defines the area where you can take action (move/shoot).

The more members in the group, the harder is to get along, but the bigger is your chance to survive. There's no friendly-fire between members from the same group.

How to Play

Espol.io has only two commands: "Directional Axis" and a "Shoot Button".

You can play it using the keyboard, a joystick or a virtual joystick in case you're on a tablet.

On a keyboard, you can move with the Arrow Keys or WASD Key, and shoot with the Space Bar. You can also press' to open the Message Menu and press a number to send a message.

On a tablet, you shall activate the virtual joystick by touching the left and the right side of the screen. Left side activates the directional axis and right side shoots.


As soon as you join the game, collect all espólios you can find. You'll see your name ranking up.

If you get damaged in combat, look for a mothership in the map. Hovering the mothership will get you repaired at the cost of some espólios.