How to play

Once you're on the gameplay screen, you need to read the customer order, then click on the material ingots to change the material of the shapes. Then, click on the shapes to add them to key table. Once the key is assembled on the table, deliver it to the customer and get ready for the next one!

The game has no end and no gradual difficulty increase in this jam version. Press ESC if you need to restart the game.


Descendant from keysmith masters, you are currently the best keysmith of the region. Besides being recognized for your excellence and tradition in the manufacture of keys, you were recently knighted by the king, for creating the key that saved his kidnapped daughter. Now you need to race against time to meet the demands from your old customers in addition to those who are curious about your work and sudden fame.


We've posted the game post-mortem on Ludum Dare blog:

Development Timelapse Video

On Youtube:


Adrian Cunha (Kowgan)
Eduardo Nogueira (Rufio)
Elisa Gules (Elwing)
Victor Nogueira (Felladrin)

Tools used to create this game

  • Unity - For being a robust game engine capable of exporting to HTML5 (WebGL).
  • MonoDevelop - For scripting editing.
  • - For team communication.
  • Cubase - For creating music and sound effects.
  • Google Docs - For collaborative writing of the game documentation.
  • Flockdraw & - For collaborative drawing.
  • Sublime Text - For quick manipulation of strings.
  • Photoshop - For image editing.
  • Chronolapse - For recording the timelapse.

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